%0 Journal Article
%@issn 0894-8763
%F self-archiving-INPE-MCTIC-GOV-BR
%T Variability of wet and season radiation fluxes abd rainfall over Amazonia based on GOES retrieval
%D 2004
%8 ?
%A Gu, J.,
%A Cooper, H.,
%A Grose, A.,
%A Liu, G.,
%A Norman, J.,
%A Waterloo, M.,
%A Nobre, A.,
%A Araujo, A.,
%A Manzi, A.,
%A Oliviera, P.,
%A Randow, C. V.,
%A Dias, P. S.,
%A Marengo, Jose Antonio,
%A Merrit, J.,
%A Smith, E.,
%@affiliation CPTEC-INPE-Cachoeira Paulista -SP
%B Journal of Applied Meteorology
%V 43
%P 870-886
%K ?.
%@language en
%3 gu_variability2.pdf